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Hey everyone! It's finally time.

We know that you've waited long enough, but we wanted to ensure a successful launch, thus why we waited to publish a formal release date. However, the staff team at EmeraldsMC feels that it is about time to announce our release dates. We will announce two (2) different launch dates, one being a BETA RELEASE DATE and the other being a PUBLIC RELEASE DATE.

The BETA release date will be for those who would like to get an early start on our server. This will put you at an advantage, since you will have an extra week to gather resources and boost your economy!
In order to join on our BETA release date, you must apply to become a member by visiting...

IMPORTANT New "RICHEST" System is Online! (& some release-day hints?)

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Hey all!

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday. Over the last few weeks, EmeraldsMC has been working on coming up with some ways to make our experience more exciting, upon release! Of course, we want to keep you updated with the latest news of what to expect. We are anticipating to launch MID-DECEMBER 2019. This will align perfectly with the start of the holiday season and winter break for many of our potential members. We'll finalize dates in the near future, however, we are anticipating to release on-schedule, as we are finished roughly 85% of our initial launch features and systems.

Now, let's get back into the features! The EmeraldsMC team is going to hold monthly events, including a competition where players must compete in the server economy! The top 3 richest players will gain rewards at the end of the competition deadline. (NOTE: The owner and staff members with altered economic status will not participate unless having wiped their...

SERVER APPROVED Sneak Peek of the EmeraldsMC Map!

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Hey everyone!

Hope you all are having a great weekend. This weekend, EmeraldsMC is giving you an exclusive sneak peek of our map! We're dying of anticipation to show you what we are working on, so here's a small preview!

First, let's start off with our Main world. This is where you'll be spawned into and where most of your main building and survival experience will take place! (but remember to gather resources in Farmworld!)

Main World Spawn, EmeraldsMC

Main World Spawn, EmeraldsMC

Main World Spawn (Plot Shops), EmeraldsMC

Next, let's take a look at the
EmeraldsGames Spawn. This spawn will become home to the games we build for EmeraldsMC! However, for the initial server...

IMPORTANT BETA: Website Release 27 September 2019

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Welcome to the EmeraldsMC Forum!
After having recently posted a poll on Twitter, we saw that most of you wanted the earliest release possible for our website. While the server's release date is still TBD, the EmeraldsMC team thought it was best to launch a BETA version of the website. This means there may be some bugs and features that are spotty, but this will allow us to keep everyone up to date with the latest information regarding the server's launch. We also will be releasing teasers along the way, reviewing staff applications for the initial launch, and possibly running some giveaway events!

Please, browse around as you please. If I can be of any assistance (if you have any questions, feedback, etc.), just send me a message: @Essare :)

Some other sections you may want to view are: