IMPORTANT Server Rules

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Hi all! This post is just to let you know that the rules for EmeraldsMC have been posted.

At EmeraldsMC we want to ensure a fair, responsible, and fun experience for all of our members. As such, we have to put certain rules in place. We are not overly controlling in the way you choose to play, however, we do some rules that have to be abided by. Of course, the rules are always subject to change, but the primary rules have been finalized. You can view the latest rules at

The primary rules are as follows:

  • No griefing.
    You may NOT destroy or modify other player's work or structures.
  • No hacking or client mods.
    Optifine and tools that do not give you an advantage over the vanilla game, or abuse game/plugin exploits, are...

SERVER APPROVED How to link your Discord account to your EmeraldsMC Forum Profile

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Hi all! Steve here.

I wanted to quickly go over how to link your
Discord account to your forums profile, here on our website! Once you do, your rank will automatically update on Discord! (NOTE: This may take up to an hour to process. You will be moved from the "Member" rank on our Discord server to your Donor rank, roughly an hour after your forums profile group has been marked as a "Donor." Please wait until after you see your forum ranks change to expect a Discord rank change.).

I'm sure you're very excited to hear about this feature, so let's get right to it.

First, you'll want to have your Discord login details ready, or have the Discord app running on your computer. If you do not have a Discord Voice account, you can go make one here...