At EmeraldsMC we want to ensure a fair, responsible, and fun experience for all of our members.

As such, we have to put certain rules in place. We are not overly controlling in the way you choose to play,
however, the following rules must be abided by:

  • No griefing.
    You may NOT destroy or modify other player's work or structures.

  • No hacking or client mods.
    Optifine and tools that do not give you an advantage over the vanilla game, or abuse game/plugin exploits, are permitted. Use mods at your own disrection.

  • Use "Farmworld" for gathering materials such as wood and for mining.
    Access farmworld using /farmworld. This helps keep our server clean and allows for players to have room to build houses and projects with a nice landscape. A portal for "FarmWorld" can be found at spawn.

  • Need help? Use /ticket [message] while on the server to open a ticket.
    A staff member can assist you with any game related issue typically within 24-36 hours!

  • Please keep it professional.
    This includes no spamming, advertising, drama, or excessive profanity.

  • Make your builds look nice.
    Large cobblestone pillars or ugly buildings can be removed at the staff's disrection (especially if they are left sitting for long periods of time, untouched). Please put effort into constructing your projects.

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    Sep 19, 2019
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