IMPORTANT BETA: Website Release 27 September 2019


Server Owner

Welcome to the EmeraldsMC Forum!
After having recently posted a poll on Twitter, we saw that most of you wanted the earliest release possible for our website. While the server's release date is still TBD, the EmeraldsMC team thought it was best to launch a BETA version of the website. This means there may be some bugs and features that are spotty, but this will allow us to keep everyone up to date with the latest information regarding the server's launch. We also will be releasing teasers along the way, reviewing staff applications for the initial launch, and possibly running some giveaway events!

Please, browse around as you please. If I can be of any assistance (if you have any questions, feedback, etc.), just send me a message: @Essare :)

Some other sections you may want to view are:
Staff Application Process
Server Rules
Support Ticket System
and our
Member Application System

I'm looking forward to talking to you all on the forums (and later on, the server)!

Have a great weekend.
- Steve
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