IMPORTANT New "RICHEST" System is Online! (& some release-day hints?)


Server Owner
Hey all!

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday. Over the last few weeks, EmeraldsMC has been working on coming up with some ways to make our experience more exciting, upon release! Of course, we want to keep you updated with the latest news of what to expect. We are anticipating to launch MID-DECEMBER 2019. This will align perfectly with the start of the holiday season and winter break for many of our potential members. We'll finalize dates in the near future, however, we are anticipating to release on-schedule, as we are finished roughly 85% of our initial launch features and systems.

Now, let's get back into the features! The EmeraldsMC team is going to hold monthly events, including a competition where players must compete in the server economy! The top 3 richest players will gain rewards at the end of the competition deadline. (NOTE: The owner and staff members with altered economic status will not participate unless having wiped their economy or having cleared that their economy was not altered.) This may include: temporary donor ranks, free currency, free materials, or cosmetic perks! These competitions can be tracked via our new "RICHEST" system. Simply go to the following website to see a template of how this system will display the results:

This website will show all of the CURRENT TOP-10 RICHEST USERS on EmeraldsMC! Not only will your skin and username be shown for bragging rights, but the rewards offered will definitely inspire you to enhance your player-shops, mine and sell gems, and trade valuables to ensure your status as one of the richest members.

Other competitions that are up for discussion include a server-wide UHC (one entire night reserved for a UHC event with the staff and registered members!) and a reserved Mob-Arena day. These will be discussed after launch.

What do you think about these new features and ideas? Will you be excited to earn your status as one of the richest EmeraldsMC members? What about participating in future event days?
Super excited to see you!

Have a great week,
- Steve